Books for Children
Books for children

ed.) He Liyi,The Spring of Butterflies and other Folktales of Chinas Minority Peoples, ill. Pan Aiqing and Li Zhao
(William Collins, 1985; Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1985)

Drakestail Visits the King, illustrated by Henry Underwood
(William Collins, 1986; Philomel, 1986)

Guleesh and the King of Frances Daughter, illustrated by Henry Underwood
(William Collins, 1986; Philomel, 1986)

The Tale of Sir Gawain, illustrated by Charles Keeping
(Lutterworth, 1987; Philomel, 1987)

Animal Antics, illustrated by Sarah Pooley
(William Collins, 1987)

(ed.) Charles Dickens, The Life of Our Lord, ill. Sally Holmes
(Beehive, 1987; Silver Burdett, 1987)

(tr.) Hans Christian Andersen, The Snow Queen, ill. Sally Holmes
(William Collins, 1989)

A New Treasury of Poetry, ill. John Lawrence
(Blackie, 1990; Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 1990)

(ed.) W. B. Yeats, Fairy Tales of Ireland, ill. P. J. Lynch
(William Collins, 1990; Delacorte Press, 1990)

Fairy Tales of Eastern Europe, ill. Larry Wilkes
(Liber, 1991; Clarion, 1991)

(tr.) Hans Christian Andersen, The Steadfast Tin Solder, ill. Anastassija Archipowa
(William Collins, 1991)

The Book of Christmas, ill. Sally Holmes
(William Collins, 1991; Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 1991)

Poems for the Young, ill. John Lawrence
(Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 1992)

The Poetry Collection, ill. Kate Aldous
(W. H. Smith, 1992)

The Complete Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault, ill. Sally Holmes
(Pavilion, 1993, as Little Red Riding Hood and other fairy tales; Clarion, 1993)

The Arabian Nights, ill. Sheila Moxley
(Orchard, 1994)

King Midas, ill. Isabelle Brent
(Little, Brown, 1994)

(ed.) Andrew Lang, A World of Fairy Tales, ill. Henry Justice Ford
(Albion, 1994; Dial, 1994)

(ed.) Walter Jekyll, I Have a News: Rhymes from the Caribbean, ill. Jacqueline Mair
Albion, 1994; Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1994

The Illustrated Book of Myths, ill. Nilesh Mistry
(Dorling Kindersley, 1995)

Singing America: Poems that Define a Nation, ill. Michael McCurdy
(Viking, 1995)

Songs Are Thoughts: Poems of the Inuit, ill. Maryclare Foa
(Orchard, 1995)

(tr.) Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen, ill. Isabelle Brent
Little, Brown, 1995; Viking, 1995)

The Golden Bird, ill. Isabelle Brent
(Little, Brown, 1995)

The New Oxford Book of Children?s Verse
(Oxford University Press, 1996)

Odin?s Family: Myths of the Vikings, ill. Maryclare Foa
(Orchard, 1996)

The Adventures of Odysseus, ill. Peter Malone
(Orion, 1996; Orchard, 1996)

American Fairy Tales, ill. Michael McCurdy
(Hyperion, 1996)

Earth Always Endures: Native American Poetry, ill. Edward S. Curtis
(Viking, 1996)

Christmas Fairy Tales, ill, Isabelle Brent
(Little, Brown, 1996; Viking, 1996)

Tales of Heartsease Wood (four volumes), ill. Tracey Williamson
Make Do and Mend; There?s No Place Like Home; All Is Safely Gathered In; In the Bleak Midwinter
(Hazar, 1996)

The Illustrated Book of Fairy Tales, ill. Nilesh Mistry
(Dorling Kindersley, 1997)

Robin Hood, ill. Nick Harris
(Dorling Kindersley, 1997)

In a Sacred Manner I Live: Native American Wisdom
(Clarion, 1997)

Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, ill. Isabelle Brent
Little, Brown, 1997)

War and the Pity of War, ill. Michael McCurdy
(Clarion, 1998)

(tr.) Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid and other Fairy Tales, ill. Isabelle Brent
(Little. Brown, 1998; Viking, 1998)

Eyewitness Guides: Mythology
(Dorling Kindersley, 1999)

Stockings of Buttermilk: American Folktales, ill. Jacqueline Mair
(Clarion, 1999)

Celtic Fairy Tales, ill. Isabelle Brent
(Little, Brown, 1999; Viking, 1999)

A Braid of Lives: Native American Childhood
(Clarion, 2000)

It?s a Womans World: A Century of Women?s Voices in Poetry
(Dutton, 2000)

The Great Mystery: Myths of Native America
(Clarion, 2001)

Noah and the Devil, ill. Isabelle Brent
(Clarion, 2001)

Weave Little Stars into my Sleep, ill. Edward S. Curtis
(Clarion, 2001)

The Little People: Stories of Fairies, Pixies, and other Small Folk
(Abrams, 2002)

The Fish Is Me: Bathtime Rhymes, ill. Claire Henley
(Clarion, 2002)

In the House of Happiness: A Book of Prayers and Praise, ill. Isabelle Brent
(Clarion, 2003)

Horse Hooves and Chicken Feet: Mexican Folktales, ill. Jacqueline Mair
(Clarion, 2003)

Prince Zucchini, ill. Veronica Rooney
Bright, 2003)

Hot Potato: Mealtime Rhymes, ill. Claire Henley
(Clarion, 2004)

(tr.) Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen, ill. Isabelle Brent
(Reader?s Digest, 2004)

The Great Circle: A History of the First Nations, foreword by Dennis Hastings
(Clarion, 2006)


Return to Oz, ill. Jo Worth
(Puffin, 1985)

Treasury of Nursery Rhymes, ill. Kate Aldous, Claire Henley, Anna Cynthia Leplar, Karen Perrins, Scott Rhodes, Jane Tattersfield, & Sara Walker
(Parragon, 2000)

Treasury of Poetry, ill. Kate Aldous, Claire Henley, Anna Cynthia Leplar, Karen Perrins, Scott Rhodes, Jane Tattersfield, & Sara Walker
(Parragon, 2000)